Before modernization, animals lived freely in the wild. Earth was rich with life as there were more than enough resources for every life form to sustain itself. In the realm of living things, you’d either be the hunter or the hunted. This process is essential to keep the symphony of life in tune. Everything was in order and there was no disruption from external forces. Even the mere thought of species extinction sounded like science fiction, farfetched and unimaginable. 


Wildlife of Borneo theme

At least, that was the case until one of the species started advancing. For centuries this mammalian species kept evolving, to the point that it developed intelligence beyond comprehension. Soon they became the most feared creatures on earth; humans. Where ever humans step foot on, footprints were left behind. But not all footprints pointed at a commendable direction, instead some footprints led to a trail of devastation. 


As civilization evolved, the need for safety and shelter increased. Unlike other wildlife, humans were born without any natural defenses. This prompted them to develop tools as a mean of defense against the natural elements. First, they built shelters out of trees. Then they multiplied so they cut down more trees to build more shelters. And they kept repeating this process until acres of lands became bald, a disease called deforestation. 


Deforestation plagued earth aggressively, robbing wildlife of their homes, leaving them vulnerable in the unfamiliar modern world. Take the Borneo rainforest for instance. The oldest rainforest in the world is home to many endangered wildlife like the Orang Utan, Proboscis Monkey, Sun bear, Tarsier, Pygmy Elephant, Sumatran Rhino, Pangolin, and Clouded Leopard. These wildlife suffered directly from deforestation, poaching, and illegal pet trade. They are driven out of their habitat and sustained a sharp decline in numbers over the years, critically threatening the existence of their entire species. Ironically, since these endangered animals are unable to fend for themselves, they are in dire need of human intervention to increase the chances of survival. 


But the devastation doesn’t end there. Many of this wildlife is illegally captured by humans to be kept as pets or for own consumption. Sadly, as smart as humans are, there are many who still fall into the trap of heresy, placing their beliefs in anecdotal truths over science. Wildlife poaching increased tremendously as a result because many believe that consuming parts of these animals would make them imperishable. Pangolins, Sumatran Rhinos, and the Sun Bears bear the biggest brunt of this human idiocracy. Take the Sumatran Rhinos for example; Many believe that tea from the tusks of these rhinos is a cure for maladies of all sorts. Consequently, these innocent rhinos were cruelly butchered for their tusks to point of a complete wipeout. An entire species cease to exist because of an unfounded belief that’s passed on from generation to generation. Today, there is no longer any living rhino left in Borneo, and only less than a hundred left in the world. 


The almighty Orang Utan

Somewhere deep in the forest, the wise Orang Utan watches woefully at the younglings for he realizes that their time is limited. He ponders on the state of the earth and the implications of reckless human deeds on mother nature. Earth is in jeopardy. Something drastic needs to be done or the future of the younger generation will be in peril. It’s a race against time to undo the damage inflicted to mother nature before it all gets wiped from the face of the earth. 


With a heavy sigh, he shuts both eyes and immerses in the darkness that greets him. 

He stares into the dark abyss and looks around for the spirits of the perished. Despondently, he pleads with the spirits for help to protect the condemned forest as well as its poor inhabitants. Retaliation is their last hope for survival, but their dwindled numbers made it impossible to win a war they are destined to lose. So in a desperate attempt, the wise Orang Utan, guardian of the forest, gathers the spirits of the animals who were robbed of their lives by the same perpetrators, to fight this war together. 

With that, the spirits are released into the forest as the last hope of perseverance. Only time will tell if balance can be restored.