Like life on land, the aquatic kingdom has an ecosystem of its own, preserved by the myriad of marine life it bears. Sea creatures and kaleidoscopic corals reign the cerulean waters. Tropical waters are most generous with its offerings of marine biodiversity, with many exotic sea beauties like turtles and whale sharks thriving in the tropical brine. Supposedly, it’s a place where mankind is forbidden to step foot in, for it’s where no man can breathe, no noise can be heard, and only fractional light traverses through. It’s a different world designed for different life forms. Yet, driven by the immense curiosity of the unknown, we have devised ways to marvel at the alien creatures that exist beneath the gleaming crystal surface. You see, we have discovered ways to overcome our limitations by creating artificial lungs and fins to emulate fishes. Without technological intervention, the deep blue void would remain unexplored for we are not equipped by nature for deep sea ventures.

海洋与陆地有着相似的生态系统,而维持整片海洋的和谐则是万千的水里生物共同运行海里生态定律。而海洋热带水域更是拥有许多奇异生物,如:海龟,鲸鲨,鲜艳海葵,珊瑚在繁衍生息。据原则上,海洋是人类无法轻易触碰的一片乌托邦,这里听不见噪音,没有打扰,安静且和平,唯有零星的星光闪烁穿进海里画出美景。然而,在对未知的事物产生巨大的好奇心下,我们想出了方法去探索这片波光粼粼的神秘海洋。放眼来看,其实探索海洋是有一定被限制的,加上我们先天并不具备深海探险能力,所以徒增了难度。 但通过科技制造有了水肺和辅助器具,我们才能在这深海空间进行探索。

Sea Gypsy Riding a Whale Shark

That’s what makes the sea gypsies so unique. Born and bred atop the briny water, the sea gypsies have mastered the art of the ocean. Since birth, their hearts pulsate along to the rhythm of the ripples out in the vast ocean, the soles of their feet rarely set on soil. They build their homes in the water and feed off the fruits of the sea. As naturally skilled freedivers, their underwater hunting skills are unrivaled. They thrive solely on the generous offerings of the blue aquatic shrine, occasionally going ashore to trade goods. However, their story is no fairy tale. Although they may be kings in the aquatic domain, on land, they are invisible wanderers with no origins. Ousted by society for this reason, the gypsies are denied of all social entitlements forcing them to live out their lives in the expansive ocean as rejects of modern society.


Alas, they’re not the only land rejects that end up in the ocean. Discards from the shore drift aimlessly in the ripples, floating in the void free of gravity. Careless conducts of humans have tarnished the blue jewel with a trail of human toxic. As the frothy waves pounds on the shoreline, humanity pounds on the fragile underwater ecosystem, claiming hundreds of lives in its path of devastation. The ecosystem has gone haywire, and unnatural death continuously knocks on the doors of the naive aquatic beings, threatening the existence of its entire population. The tragic tales of the green sea turtle and the whale shark should serve as a reminder of the consequences of our sloppy ways. Left with only a few in existence, these innocent creatures are wrongfully punished by our recklessness. 


Every now and then, the enraged ocean awakes from its slumber in a fury to pound on the unsuspecting victims, as if to remind us that it too could put a dent in the ecosystem we flourish in. Lessons in humanity are often triggered by deaths, but this is a cycle that ought to be broken. No deaths should be made an example of for the gain of our wisdom. A line needs to be drawn before life fades entirely. It’s time we start patching up the hole we carved.